Looking to develop your ability to act? 

Ever heard the phrase: "Acting cannot be taught"? 

We disagree... 

Our Coaches are all fully trained and experienced actors and can therefore provide you with the necessary techniques and understanding to access your ability to connect with a character and develop your ability to tell a story. 




Acting is about listening and responding; It sounds simple, but the ability to really listen to another actor and respond honestly and authentically requires a lot of skill and focus. 

Acting is a very physical skill. It requires application as opposed to too much discussion and over analysis; from the very beginning we will jump in to the basics of story telling and how we can tell stories in the most genuine way.

The sessions can be booked on a PAY&GO basis or we have a number of different packages available; it is completely up to you to decide which route you would like to take when it comes to booking your sessions. It is important to remember, however, that consistency is key when it comes to developing a new skill; so bare this in mind if you choose the PAY&GO option. 


During the course of your Acting Coaching, we will explore numerous techniques and exercises in order to make it easier to really listen and respond. These exercises include:

  • Story Telling 

  • Emotional Recall

  • Text Work 

  • Character Building 

  • Energy Focus 

  • Monologue/ Duologue & Soliloquy work 


This is a question that can only be answered by you and your coach once you have been working together for a little while. In order to maintain your skills, you require consistency over a long period of time; even our coaches still have lessons, as it is important to stay on top of your skill once you have achieved significant progress or even when you feel like you may have achieved your goal. When you sign up for lessons with us, you are not signing any contracts or committing yourself to any formal agreements. You can choose how frequently you work with your coach and for how long you wish to take part in your lessons. You may find that after a while you wish to reduce the frequency of lessons once you have grasped the various techniques, or you may find you wish to increase the frequency in order to develop further. Your coach will always advise the best course of action to take when it comes to lesson frequency and duration and will always be at the end of an email to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding this. 


All our coaches trained professionally and work professionally in the Theatre industry; performing in numerous productions in the West End, as well as abroad. As performers, we are required to work eight shows per week, which is part of the challenge when it comes to maintaining truth and authenticity through each performance. 

Acting is not just beneficial to clients looking to work as professional actors, it has numerous benefits in terms of building confidence, understanding your own characteristics and physicality, 


We have listed some of the other areas of profession where acting can benefit our clients:


  • Public Speakers/ Lecturers/ Teachers 

  • Interviewers/ Recruitment Workers

  •  Public Relations 

  • Lawyers 

  • Personal Trainers (Fitness and Corporate)



We will always make sure you understand everything we are exploring through your sessions. There will be times where you feel frustrated or confused, this is completely normal! Learning a skill is not an easy thing and it takes time to become truly efficient, but we will always provide you with the necessary tools needed and explain everything we are doing, so you can fully understand how you can take what we teach and apply it to your personal practice and development. We want you to feel comfortable and confident at all times; these sessions are always a safe and judgement free place where you are allowed to make mistakes and struggle. We will always strive to provide solutions to any frustrations you might be having and as long as you maintain patience and consistency with your lessons and with your practice, we can guarantee you will notice the improvements, whether they are big or small! 

Our rates are as follows: 



30 Mins- £25 

45 Mins- £35 

60 Mins- £45 

If you require longer than a 60 minute session, we charge an extra £5 for every 15 minutes