The Professional Performance Industry can be a precarious environment; there is a lot of planning that goes in to getting ready to work as a professional actor/ singer/ performer. 

There are many elements to consider: Headshots, Agents, Showreels, Admin & Tax, Maintenance etc... 

All of these things can be slightly daunting, which is why we are offering coaching, support & advice to help navigate the industry.



We will sit down, normally with a coffee, and we will discuss all the various important elements of the industry. 

This will include: 

  • HEADSHOTS- We will discuss the various, reputable Headshot photographers currently working and come up with a shortlist of photographers for you to contact; choosing the right photographer is essential to getting the best outcome for your headshots. Every photographer offers something different with their work and it is essential that you choose correctly. 

  • AGENTS & REPRESENTATION- We will discuss the various agencies who work within the industry you are most interested in; we will talk about what each agency specialises in and how agents work for you as a professional (what their involvement with your career is, how they make their money from you, how auditioning works, how to approach agencies for possible representation etc...)- agents are wonderful people, but you need to make sure you approach an agent in the right way in order to gain their interest! 

  • ADMIN & TAX- When you choose to become a professional performer, you are choosing a life of self-employment and freelance work! This lifestyle comes with a whole load of admin and tax based commitments. We will talk through all the various financial commitments you will be required to make, how to register for self-employment, how to keep track of your tax and finances as a freelancer and who to approach in terms of accountants etc...

  • NECESSARY OVERHEADS- We will talk through the various overheads you will be required to take on when becoming a professional; this ranges from various subscriptions, memberships, maintenance costs etc... 

  • PREPARING SPOTLIGHT CV'S- Your Spotlight CV is essential for Casting Directors to get to know as much information about you so they can decide whether they want you to come in for an audition for whatever it might be they are casting; therefore you need to make sure the information you have on there is accurate and up to date! We can help you make sure everything checks out and make sure you are not selling yourself short in any way. 


These sessions can last for as long or as short as you need! The idea of these sessions is to make sure you feel confident and prepared to face the industry! Especially during these difficult times where the industry is in such a precarious situation, even more so than usual! 

We offer 30 minute and 45 minutes sessions for Industry Preparation coaching;


Our rates are as follows: 

30 Mins- £25

45 Mins- £35