Auditioning for Drama School during COVID-19

We are currently living in a very difficult time. We are all aware of the restrictions in place and we are aware of what this means for the performance industry. There is widespread fear that the industry is dying away and without any proper Government support, it is becoming harder and harder for the industry to recover.

So, where does that leave you when it comes to auditioning for drama school?

Like other Schools & Universities, Drama schools are continuing to operate; albeit in a very different manner than normal. This also means that the audition process for these Drama schools is very different.

All the major UK based Drama schools are operating their First-Round auditions through the use of 'Self-Tapes'. Candidates will be required to submit their Contemporary & Classical monologues and/ or Song via self-tape. These tapes will then be reviewed by heads of department at these select Drama schools and those successful candidates will then progress to the second round or final round in some cases, which will hopefully be 'In-Person' at the Drama school/s in question.

This means a number of things:

  1. Candidates will have the opportunity to record themselves as many times as they like, until they are satisfied with the end result ready to submit to the chosen school/s- There is still a deadline for the self-tape submissions, so it's important to check with the chosen school when this deadline is, as they won't accept any late submissions!

  2. Most Drama schools share a continuity when it comes to audition material criteria, therefore you won't have to keep performing your speeches over and over again at the numerous schools; you can simply record your speeches on tape and then "Send to All".

  3. You won't have to spend money travelling to each school for your first-round; this is a big bonus, considering most of the major schools will require you to pay an audition fee; some of these schools are charging up to £50 for an audition! You can save the money on travel and instead invest it in our Coaching services/ Self-tape offer and/ or in more audition fees.

  4. You can ensure that your tape looks and sounds as efficient as possible. You can make sure you look your best and perform at your very best. This doesn't mean you should try and make yourself look like a glamour model; remember they are looking at your ability to act/ perform, not what you look like in the latest fashion brands.

  5. This is a good way of easing yourself in to the process of auditioning. The chances are if you are auditioning for drama school, you probably haven't taken part in a serious audition process before, therefore you will probably be very nervous and uncertain of how it feels; being able to audition in the comfort of your own home will allow you to ease yourself in to the process of putting your work out there and sharing your ability with other people.

There are a few things to be aware of and you want to try and avoid one or two things when it comes to auditioning in this way:

  1. It's very easy to obsess over your self-tape. You could spend hours and hours, days and days, weeks and weeks trying to make your tape "perfect", but at the end of the day, it will never be the perfection you are seeking, because acting and performance isn't perfect, nor should it be. Whilst it is an advantage if you fluff a line or lose your thought process during a take, you can just start again without the panel ever knowing about it, there is also a danger that you can spend too long on it and therefore it ends up coming across as robotic or filled with anxiety and lacking in freedom.

  2. Don't worry about making the tape look like a Hollywood film. The panel are not looking for the next Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg, they are looking for actors who show great potential and a sense of creativity/ freedom. You want to keep the self-tape simple. Don't go for edgy lighting and angles, make sure you can be clearly seen and heard and make sure the entirety of your upper body is in the centre of the frame.

  3. Make sure you don't become too comfortable with this way of auditioning. Remember, for most of the schools and dependant on the current restrictions and guidelines of COVID-19 management, this style of auditioning will only be for the first round; if you are lucky enough to progress to the next round, you will be required to audition in person at the chosen school/s.

  4. If you are lucky enough to progress to the next round, remember that the panel is on your side! They want you to do well and they want to offer you a place! They are not against you and not their to make you feel bad about yourself or make you feel nervous/ anxious. Enjoy every moment of the process. You should try and look at every audition you go for as an opportunity to do the thing you love doing in front of like minded people.

We are here to offer you as much support and guidance as possible when it comes to the drama school audition process.

All of our coaches have gone through the drama school process, as well as professional auditioning; therefore we know how to handle our nerves, how to choose the best material to show you off and how to make sure you stand out as much as possible during your audition!

We are also offering a 'Self-taping service'. This includes filming your speeches using the highest quality of video capture- 4K video and professional lighting and audio; this means you can rest easy knowing that you are being captured in the best possible way! We will also make sure we keep you focused and not allow you to overthink your tape- we won't let you have 1000 takes! We will direct you, give notes and feedback and make sure the tape fits with the prescribed guidelines set out by the various schools.

We will also help you when it comes to selecting your material; this is a big part of the process as you need to make sure you choose the material appropriate to you as performer. There is no point in choosing material that someone else you know chooses, as you might be completely different when it comes to 'casting type' to that person and therefore the material may not be appropriate for you and show you at your best! We will provide you with guidance and feedback to select the best monologue/s for you!

We look forward to hearing from you and can't wait to get you ready for your drama school audition/s!

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