Learning a new skill during COVID-19 Lockdown

It's pretty safe to say that no one could've imagined the situation the world currently finds itself in; certainly not to the extent where only essential shops are allowed to remain open and we must adhere to social distancing or risk legal prosecution!

Of course, these drastic actions are in place to prevent the spread of the virus and save lives, which is obviously of the highest importance and priority; however where does that leave us in terms of our day-to-day lives? The Government have announced that this level of restrictive living is most likely going to last for three months as opposed to the initially prescribed three weeks, with a further possibility of lasting six months! That is a long time to not spend time with friends or family members who don't currently live with you. It also means a long time without access to culture- theatre, cinemas, galleries, museums, sports events, concerts and more. It seems like the easiest thing to do at this point would be to pop on your most comfortable clothes, find a new Netflix series you can binge, stock up on instant, microwaveable meals & Doritos and wallow away on your sofa...

That may be something you can sustain for a couple of days, maybe a week, maybe some people will be perfectly content to follow this protocol for the entirety of the lockdown; but if you're someone like me, I would barely last a day, then you need something else to fill your time and allow yourself to feel productive and human. That's where online learning comes in!

We have this amazing resource at our disposal in this modern age- the internet! The internet can be a dark chasm of doom and despair, full of abuse, hatred, negativity and ugliness; but it can also be a tool for productivity, personal development, communication and opportunity!

In a time where people suddenly have nothing but TIME, why waste the opportunity to use this amazing resource and further yourself? I was having a conversation with a friend the other day- on FaceTime I might add- about how it feels like "real life" as we know it, has been put on hold; the pause button has been pressed down hard and all of a sudden all the things that we've been putting off and convincing ourselves that we "don't have time for" have now risen to the surface and presented themselves. Suddenly, we do have the time to learn how to sing, or learn how to play the piano or even learn how to work from home just as effectively, if not more so, than in an office we have to spend thousands of pounds per year to make the commute to... (seriously, that's never coming back once this thing has blown over)...

We are suddenly faced with a chance to really work on ourselves without the overhanging feelings of guilt that we probably should be focusing on our usual, day-to-day tasks and our daily, weekly, monthly, yearly deadlines that either we or other people set for us. We have a break from the usual "clock in", "clock out" routine that we all live our lives by. We no longer have to worry about that depressing hour long commute on a packed train to work at six o clock in the morning, because we legally cannot do it. That's a whole hour we've been granted to do something productive instead of being tasked with trying not spill your morning coffee on to the person next to you, as the train bumps along or have to deal with the questionably bad B.O of the person holding their arm out next to your face... We've all had that experience at some point...

We no longer have to remain chained to a desk for the entirety of the day, desperately waiting for that hour long lunch break, which is more like 15 minutes once you account for walking to the shop to get lunch, whilst being delayed by your boss; wondering why you haven't delivered the figures you were supposed to about an hour ago, then waiting in line as they fix the till, realising you've forgotten your wallet and phone and therefore have no means of paying, to then realise you were meant to make an important call and have to sprint back to the office to make said call...

We also have that extra hour at the end of the day to do as we please, instead of, yet again, standing packed in to a busy train full of tired, frustrated and smelly Burger King consuming business people.

This is where I come in to the equation, or people like me, offering services like mine. I'm an actor by trade. I spend my life "on hold", literally, waiting for the next job, desperately slaving away to beat out the competition, running from audition to audition, praying that "this one will pay off!" Or I'll "get my big break!" I'm also a singing and voice coach, normally I come to your house (with your prior consent) or you come to mine (with my prior consent) and I teach you in person. I sit at the piano or in some cases, I click on to the "pocket keyboard" app on my iPad Pro (needs must) and I take you through various exercises and techniques to help you develop a new skill or work on an old skill you've been neglecting. I can't do that anymore. Everything needs to happen through that wonderful resource I was talking about earlier- the internet! More specifically, FaceTime/ Skype/ Zoom/ WhatsApp- there's lots of choice!

Already, I've gained about ten more clients since the outbreak, all desperate for singing/ voice/ acting lessons, which can all be conducted remotely from the comfort of their own- socially isolated and quarantined- homes. People are desperate to stay busy and productive. Some of these people were already keen performers and simply want to continue working on their instrument without any disruption due to the outbreak. Others want to learn a new skill simply because they wish to pass the time and don't want to waste all their time binging Netflix or trying to conquer Football Manager- no judgement for either of those, by the way.

The point is, whatever your reason for wanting to learn something new and develop a skill you may or may not already have, there is no reason why this very difficult situation we are all experiencing should prevent us from being able to work on ourselves and further ourselves in some way. Hopefully if you've read to this point, you are someone looking to work on yourself and you don't want your life to just come to a grinding halt! Maybe you see this as an opportunity to totally change the way you live your life- you no longer want to conform to your old ways, you want to make a big change, which starts by learning something new.

I am so excited to work with any new student, no matter what their goal is and no matter what their reason for wanting to learn... everyone is entitled to learning something new. Remember, this isolation and social distancing will come to an end eventually... wouldn't it be great to emerge from it with a new set of skills and experiences? In this time where we have nothing but time, why not spend it bettering yourself and preparing yourself for the brand new way of living that is inevitably on its way once this whole thing has died down?

It's in your hands. I'm ready and waiting to hear from you and I can't wait to get started!

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