Staying connected and creative during COVID-19

Communication, support and connection are all important components when it comes to working successfully in the creative industry. Working together to create things is the most satisfying part of being in the creative and performance industry.

We spend a lot of time collaborating in many different ways; whether you're collaborating to create a piece of theatre or to tell a story, or maybe you're teaching a student and therefore collaborating to share your experiences and develop someone's current skill level. It is so important to be open and receptive towards this collaborative work so you can reach full potential and understand the full satisfaction of connecting with other people.

When COVID-19 kicked in and shut down the performance industry, lots and LOTS of changes had to be made. How do you even begin to keep an industry that is so dependant on connecting with each other and working closely together alive during a pandemic, where staying as far apart from each other is essential to saving lives and staying safe? Well, all I can say is...


Now, obviously the internet has its dark sides... you can find a lot of hate and negativity online. EVERYONE has an opinion and have no problems holding back on those opinions when they're sat behind a computer; almost as if they believe their computers are some sort of barrier between them and the real world, which is full of responsibilities and consequences.

BUT, since the whole world has been forced in to this isolation, it would seem to me that the internet has become a pretty essential part of our day to day existence; the internet has become the only way we can actually feel connected as humans and therefore, the only way we can maintain any level of sanity.

Everyday I am seeing more and more connectivity taking place through various social media sites. People sharing funny and uplifting videos on Twitter and Instagram, Tiki's Tok has gone crazy and the content people are producing is just brilliant. I also have multiple friends who are broadcasting live on YouTube, Facebook, IGTV, Twitter and more everyday; showcasing their skills, whether it be performing, telling jokes, telling stories, cooking tutorials, fitness coaching and motivation etc... Then you have the ZOOM meetings; quiz nights, coffee mornings, online dates, play readings, business meetings and of course, online teaching!!

The world has gone online in a whole different way and embraced this new way of living! We're often told that we should stay away from too much social media and that we need to connect with people for real as opposed to via FaceBook or Twitter or Instagram; my how things have changed! Obviously, we don't want to stay in this situation forever and once it is over and we can get back to living normally, we want to connect with people for real and we don't want to be relying on the internet to do what humans should naturally do; but for now, we must be grateful for this wonderful human invention and absolutely take full advantage of the wonders It has to offer!

STAY CONNECTED! Talk to people. Learn from people. Share with people. Listen to people and ultimately... STAY SAFE!

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