Tips for staying busy during the lockdown...

It is more important than ever to stay on top of our mental, physical and emotional health! There are many different ways of approaching this, many of which can take care of them all at the same time.

We thought we'd share a few of our own "keep busy" activities and hopefully offer you some suggestions to stay positive, creative and motivated during this difficult time.

1. Creative Writing- This is an incredibly popular one amongst our team of Vocalists. The best part about this activity, is there are a number of different areas you can explore. You could keep a daily blog, talking about a specific topic (fashion, health & fitness, cooking etc...) or you could talk about your life and personal experiences. You could write poetry, it doesn't have to be published or performed, it could just be for your eyes only, but it's a great way to express yourself in a really inventive way. You could write a play/ screenplay/ teleplay/ radio play- this is probably the most popular! Why not take this time to write the next big script?? Who knows, after this is all over, you could be the BBC'S next big commissioned writer! The other great thing about creative writing, it can be whatever you want it to be! You don't have to share it and you don't have to justify it... there is a great sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a piece of writing, no matter what the capacity is!

2. Learn a new skill- We've talked about this a lot, but we thought we'd mention it one more time. This is a really good choice when it comes to lockdown activities! We have to remember that eventually this lockdown will come to an end and we will all emerge- with extreme caution and care- back in to the real world. Wouldn't it be lovely to emerge with something new under your belt? It could be the smallest thing, or the biggest thing... like, learning how to whistle vs learning how to play Beethoven's 5th Symphony! Give yourself a goal and aim to hit it! It will provide you with fulfilment and it may even open a door to a whole world you never realised you were capable of accessing.

3. Health & Fitness- This is an interesting one... all the gyms around the world have shut down and yet, people seem to be more motivated than ever to get in shape in their front room! The most important thing about this one is its not just about and shouldn't be just about wanting to get ripped and look aesthetically pleasing; more importantly this one is about looking after your body during this incredibly stressful and abnormal time! Feed it good things and it will reward you with positive energy and focus.

4. Make some short films/ comedy sketches/ memes/ TIKTOK- The world has become obsessed with putting themselves on film. Everyone wants to share their creativity and their humour to provide some relief. This is wonderful! Grab your camera or your smartphone, revert back to point number one (Creative writing)- write your script/ sketch/ whatever and film it! Get inventive with the camera! Download and invest in editing software and make something really interesting and creative to share with others or maybe just to have for yourself. We are capable of so much if we knuckle down and do it!

5. Spend quality time together- This is our final tip. Obviously, not everyone will have isolation buddies or family with them during this time, some of you may be alone. This doesn't mean you can't hop on a Zoom quiz night or a Zoom play reading... spending quality time with people comes in many different forms these days! If you are isolating with others, why not set aside time every evening to do something together? Even if it's as simple as sitting down to watch a movie together or the latest Netflix documentary... "Tiger King" is pretty epic, just saying... You could go on a nice walk, as long as you stay safe and adhere to the distancing regulations, you could organise a games night or a BBQ in your garden... get inventive! It's so important that we all stay connected with each other, in whatever way that is! We all need to look out for one another and spread optimism and love! We will come through this and we will all be grateful that we stuck together and looked out for one another in the end.



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