A lot has changed due to COVID-19. The way that drama schools are operating their auditions and their overall training is very different, but that doesn't mean there's no point in pursuing your goals and aspirations to train! We can provide you with support and coaching to prepare you for the most updated process of auditioning for drama school! 

All First-Round auditions will be conducted via a 'Self-Tape' submission of your chosen material; this is to limit contact time with others and maintain social distancing restrictions. We can provide you with a professional 'Self-Taping' service, which involves using the very best in video capture, lighting & sound equipment to help you look & sound your very best! 

We will also provide help and support with choosing your audition material, and we will provide mock auditions with industry panels, as well as continuous feedback on your performances. 

This will allow you to feel fully prepared when it comes to filming your self-tape and submitting it to your selected drama schools. 


Every singer or actor needs a strong repertoire; a specific collection of material that is right for you as an individual, which you can then use to promote and highlight your strengths and qualities. Repertoire shouldn't be generic! Every performer is different from the next, therefore the audition material they present should be tailored to you based on what your personality is, your ability, your style etc... We want to get to understand you as much as we possibly can through these sessions in order to advise you to choose the most suitable material to show you off and bring out your specific qualities. Ideally, every professional actor/ singer should have at least five, if not, ten songs/ monologues/ speeches in their arsenal that they can present for any given audition or project. Different projects and auditions will require different styles, therefore it is important to have a variety of rep which caters to those specific styles. 


As we said, we need to get to know you. These sessions will involve lots of discussion about you as a person as well as a performer. We will explore various audition techniques, including: 

  • How to present yourself to an audition panel 

  • How to control nerves and use them to your advantage 

  • Sight reading (Cold reading- this refers to material that you haven't had a chance to prepare before entering the audition room)

  • Text preparation for pre-selected material 

  • Mock Auditions in front of Industry Professionals 

  • Constant feedback and support 

  • Personalised and specific repertoire assignment and selection

  • Self-Taping Service & Support

  • Advice and guidance on completing application forms (DRAMA SCHOOL AUDITIONS ONLY)



How long is a piece of string? The frequency and consistency of these sessions will be wholly up to you and your coach. Once you have been working with your coach and you feel like you have developed a strong repertoire and understanding of how auditioning works, you may wish to decrease the amount of sessions; remember, you can always book in a one off session if you have an audition coming up and want to receive feedback on material you are planning on taking with you, or if you want to gather some more helpful advice about approaching various panels.

It's worth noting that all of our coaches have auditioned for some of the biggest Casting Directors/ Producers/ Directors in the theatre business and have worked on shows that have been produced and cast by these people; therefore we can offer you advice about auditioning for specific Casting Directors/ Producers/ Directors. You can find out more about who are coaches have worked with and what productions and projects they have been a part of when you click below on "CHECK OUT OUR COACHES".


Not at all! Although these sessions are primarily focused towards professionals developing their repertoires for professional auditions, we also work with people who just want to develop a number of specific songs or speeches that they want to impress their friends with. Maybe your a member of an amateur choir or singing group and you want to work on the songs that you often sing within these groups, we will be happy to listen and give you feedback, as well as make suggestions you could sing within your singing groups. Perhaps you want to take part in an amateur singing show or contest within your community, or perhaps you want to impress your colleagues at the Christmas party with a solo; we can help find the material that suits you best and give you the best possible feedback to make you feel confident and comfortable with your choice! 

We offer 30 minute and 45 minutes sessions for rep coaching;


Our rates are as follows: 

30 Mins- £25 

45 Mins- £35