Looking to develop your singing voice? Want to learn a new skill? Maybe you want to focus on something specific with your singing?


We can help you, no matter what your goal! 


Everyone is different. Everyone has different abilities, understanding and goals in mind; therefore we want to make sure that we tailor to your specific needs and work in a way that allows you as an individual to develop most efficiently. 

Before you start full time lessons, we will have a 45 minute assessment session to determine what your current abilities are, where your strengths and weaknesses lie, what style you're interested in, what your previous experience is and what you are hoping to achieve as a result of these lessons; you will also have an opportunity to see how your coach approaches teaching and whether it works for you. 

Once we have completed our assessment session, we will then determine how frequently you would like sessions and for which duration (30, 45 or 60 minutes); this will be something that your coach can recommend based on what will benefit you the most, as well as what your availability and affordability for the sessions are. 

The sessions can be booked on a PAY&GO basis or we have a number of different packages available; it is completely up to you to decide which route you would like to take when it comes to booking your sessions. It is important to remember, however, that consistency is key when it comes to developing a new skill; so bare this in mind if you choose the PAY&GO option. 


During the course of your vocal lessons, we will cover numerous techniques to help you strengthen your singing voice. All of our Vocal Coaches have been trained and have experience with the 'Estill Vocal Technique; this technique breaks the various mechanisms of the voice down and isolates each mechanism in order to identify and master how each one contributes and develops the voice. This technique will include:

  • Breathing technique 

  • Postural & Muscular support 

  • Laryngeal manipulation and mobility 

  • Tongue, Jaw & Soft Palate mobility and positioning 

  • Exploration of different voice qualities, including: Speech quality, Belt, Tilt, Sob and Falsetto/ Mix

  • General Vocal Health Support and Maintenance 

  • Phrasing, Diction and Correct Vowel Sound exploration


This is a question that can only be answered by you and your coach once you have been working together for a little while. Vocal maintenance and consistency often requires lessons to take place over a long period of time; even our coaches still have lessons, as it is important to stay on top of your skill once you have achieved progress. When you sign up for lessons with us, you are not signing any contracts or committing yourself to any formal agreements. You can choose how frequently you work with your coach and for how long you wish to take part in your lessons. You may find that after a while you wish to reduce the frequency of lessons once you have grasped the various techniques, or you may find you wish to increase the frequency in order to develop further. Your coach will always advise the best course of action to take when it comes to lesson frequency and duration and will always be at the end of an email to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding this. 


All our coaches trained professionally and work professionally in Musical Theatre. We have a combined understanding of how to build your voice in a way that maintains your vocal identity and allows you to connect strong technique with emotion, intention and purpose. This is so important when learning to sing; we want to ensure that you hold on to the unique quality of your individual voice, as this allows you to stand out from others and deliver songs in your own way. We are not looking to turn you in to a generic product, we want you to stay unique to your natural style and preference. Although we specialise in musical theatre, we are all trained in various styles, including: Pop/ Rock, Classical/ Opera and Jazz. Whether you want to pursue a professional career in the Music / Theatre business or whether you just want to improve your singing for fun and personal accomplishment, we can work with you to achieve your goals and get you to a place where you feel confident and comfortable with your singing ability. 


We will always make sure you understand everything we are exploring through your sessions. There will be times where you feel frustrated or confused, this is completely normal! Learning a skill is not an easy thing and it takes time to become truly efficient, but we will always provide you with the necessary tools needed and explain everything we are doing, so you can fully understand how you can take what we teach and apply it to your personal practice and development. We want you to feel comfortable and confident at all times; these sessions are always a safe and judgement free place where you are allowed to make mistakes and struggle. We will always strive to provide solutions to any frustrations you might be having and as long as you maintain patience and consistency with your lessons and with your practice, we can guarantee you will notice the improvements, whether they are big or small! 

Our rates are as follows: 



30 Mins- £25 

45 Mins- £35

60 Mins- £45 

Should you ever require longer than a 60 minute session, we charge an extra £5 per 15 minutes.